Finished at last!

This is the blankie (lovey) I made for my baby boy. I knew it was an ambitious undertaking when I started it (well before he was born)… and I almost got it finished. But then he arrived and I had even less time to knit than before.

For a while I couldn’t face such a large undertaking. You know what it’s like when you’re a mother of small children. Sometimes you just need something that you can actually get finished. That big tick on your ‘to do’ list can be such an important thing when you spend your day dealing with constant interruptions. I needed small projects that could be finished in a day or two (hence my ‘hat’ phase).

Well, here it is, finished at last! And my baby is nearly two! I think it’s been worth the wait, though, to get it done just right. I’m pretty happy with it. I hope he is too!






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2 responses to “Finished at last!

  1. jjuzzy

    Love this blanket…you’ve mixed and matched. I made the original out of that book…good too. I too have had adventures in that city yarn shop. What is it with the stairs? You can get in from the knitting level but still have to negotiate lots of stairs. V. hard with tandem pram. I last about 5 mins with two yelling, grabbing toddlers.

  2. jennytaylor

    Thanks for compliments. I should say where the pattern for this blanket comes from: “blankets and throws to knit” by Debbie Abrahams (published by Collins & Brown 2002). I wasn’t doing much knitting at all when I bought the book, but when I saw it I just HAD to have it, just so that I could savour the designs. They’ve inspired all sorts of creative things, not just knitting.

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