Incy Wincy Spyder

Wow! Got my hands on a spyder (colorimeter) today and calibrated my computer monitor. What a difference! I’m now really unsure what any of these photos I’ve been posting look like on other people’s screens. I mean, they all looked fine on my screen…. until I colour calibrated. Now most of them  still look fine… but quite a lot different. Others look dreadful!

I have been getting some really weird results with prints. Not with true photographic prints from my lab, but when I try to have birth announcements or cards and the like printed. It’s been taking several trips to the print house to get things right! Hence the investigation into colour calibration.

I’d love to know what others do in this area. Do you have any stories to tell? Please do! Have you calibrated? How often do you do it? How do you manage colour between your set up and your lab or your print house? When in the process do you convert to CMYK? Or do you not convert at all?

Do tell!

And let me know how this looks on your monitor. It’s another of my little girl when she was a baby. Not a great photo, but I love how I can hear her laugh when I look at it.



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