A change of heart.

I have changed my  mind. I LOVE this yarn. It’s so nice to knit with, and I have even come round to liking the colours. I like it so much, I’d buy it again for sure. So soft. So warm. Scrummy!

So here’s the finished product. I had it done quite quickly, but pinning my model down long enough for a photo shoot is not easy these days! It only took about 5 minutes to shoot these, but about 5 weeks to get her to do it! And then weeks and weeks to find time to sit at the computer to write this post.

Here’s what happened with the pink.


Scarf in fagot stitch. I’ve never tried this stitch before, but it’s a great one for a scarf as it is reversible. I used both balls of pink at once and 7 mm needles to achieve a nice soft, stretchy fabric. I liked it so much, I was disappointed my boy had only destroyed two balls of this colour. I wanted to make a scarf long enough for me!


Here’s one that shows the stitch.


I have also used these photos as an opportunity to play around with some different effects in photoshop. Here is one I particularly like, with soft muted colour.


and my first attempt at colourising a black and white photo….


Stay tuned to find out what I did with the ecru…. Guesses anyone?



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2 responses to “A change of heart.

  1. Jan

    Fantastic stitch – you will have to show me – where did you find it? I am jealous! I am knitting a very ordinary baby jacket in white. Will have to do something quick and interesting next.
    Liz and I knew you would like the yarn.
    She likes her bamboo yarn too.

  2. jennytaylor

    Yes, bamboo yarns are so soft, aren’t they? Not to mention “green”. Have recently knitted a couple of hats in bamboo. Might blog them later.

    Faggot stitch is

    R1: k1, yarn fwd, k2tog. Repeat row 1.

    That’s it. So you need a stitch number that is a multiple of three. For anyone who’s interested, the yarn I used was Mondial Giada 70% extra fine merino 30% silk.

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