1920s style in ecru

And here’s what happened to the ecru yarn:




Another experiment in faggot stitch. (I am enjoying designing my own patterns instead of just following a commercial one!) I have never seen a hat done in faggot stitch, and now I know why! Faggot stitch doesn’t work when knitted in the round. (Ah… duh!) It took me about three attempts to work out how to make this hat, but I’m quite happy with how it turned out… and I like the kind of 1920s feel that comes from the cord and flower I added. (It’s like a little removable headband.)

I must admit, I really am impressed with this yarn. He’s got taste, my boy, I’ll give him that much! (If you don’t understand this reference, click here to read how it all started. If you want to know what the yarn is, read the comments on my post about the pink scarf. It’s called “A change of heart”. And why not leave me a comment while you’re there? Don’t be shy!)



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3 responses to “1920s style in ecru

  1. Megan

    looks great. Love your blog too. SHould let your little bull off the leash in the china shop more often.

  2. jennytaylor

    Thanks Megan. šŸ™‚

  3. Jane

    What a lovely and blog. I love the blanket you knitted for your boy, and the ecru hat is scrumptious. Maybe that’s the right adjective for those butterfly cakes…
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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