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what’s in a bloggy name?


I have taken quarter of an inch’s challenge: explain the origin of your blog name.

Well, the URL for this blog is just ‘jennytaylor’. Pretty boring, hunh. That’s just because ‘vividity’ was already taken at wordpress.

So how did I come by ‘vividity’? Well, it’s the registered name of my photography business, and it came about a long time ago, when my husband and I were preparing for marriage. We were having regular meetings with the minister who was going to conduct the ceremony…. kind of pre-marriage counselling, I guess you’d call it. I was on my high horse about something, and was speaking in my usual exaggerated manner. You know, black is black and white is white, and I — as always — am right! Must have sounded pretty young and naive to the minister!

Anyway, he looked at my fiance, smiled with a twinkle in his eye and said, “She’s vivid, isn’t she?” And it kinda stuck.

And as well as that, ‘vividity’ is the noun from ‘vivid’. I thought that was suitable for a photography name. What do you think?


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I’ve started a new blog! I’ve decided to keep my photography and my crafting separate for a while and see how it all shapes up…. so drop on by to my new blog at Pompalary and see what I’ve been up to when it’s late at night and everyone else is in bed, and I don’t have any photo editing to do….. (read: I don’t get too much time to knit these days!)

See you over there!

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A cool new product


These concertina albums are the latest addition to my range. Aren’t they great? They come in a few different sizes. The ones pictured here are purse size, and perfect for carrying in your handbag to show off pictures of your kids (or yourself, if you’re that way inclined!) They make a great granny’s brag book, and they’re a nice alternative to a framed print for your desk at work. And…. I have TEN of them to give away!

The next ten people to book a portrait session will each receive a complimentary purse size concertina album with their choice of 8 images from our shoot! This offer ends 30th September, so hurry and make your booking. (You don’t have to have your shoot before 30th September, just make your booking by then.)


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Newborns wanted

I am always on the lookout for newborn babies to photograph. I have lots of shots in mind that I would love to add to my portfolio. Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • newborn babies (no more than 10 days old, or 10 days home from hospital for premies.)
  • families prepared to meet me in a location of my choosing (north side of Sydney).
  • families prepared to sign a model release. (The images will more than likely be published.)

And in return you receive a FREE photo shoot and a FREE mini concertina album with eight images from our session, plus another six 5 x 7 inch prints that you can frame or give to family and friends. That’s over $300 value! Lucky you!

So if you are pregnant (or someone you know is) please get in touch now so that I can block out some time around when your baby is due. This offer closes at the end of February 2010. (You don’t have to have had your baby by then, you just have to have been in touch and provided me with your estimated due date.)

And, because I know you expect one, here’s a photo from a not-so-newborn shoot I did a while back. Don’t you just love chubby baby bottoms?


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Have you heard about Etsy?

Have you? You should check it out. It’s this really cool site full of really cool handmade stuff. It’s fabulous. But let me warn you, it’s addictive! Don’t be surprised if you find yourself sitting in front of your computer checking out the latest listings at 2 in the morning!

Anyway, I’ve just made my first purchase: a gorgeous headband for my daughter from Rosalind Grace Designs. It hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t put in a photo, but if you check out her Etsy shop you’ll see just how fabulous her stuff is. You can get to know Ros through her blog, too.

And you really should do that, because she has a giveaway on at the moment. You could win one of her fab headbands for a little someone in your life. Click here to get there. Good luck in the competition!

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