what’s in a bloggy name?


I have taken quarter of an inch’s challenge: explain the origin of your blog name.

Well, the URL for this blog is just ‘jennytaylor’. Pretty boring, hunh. That’s just because ‘vividity’ was already taken at wordpress.

So how did I come by ‘vividity’? Well, it’s the registered name of my photography business, and it came about a long time ago, when my husband and I were preparing for marriage. We were having regular meetings with the minister who was going to conduct the ceremony…. kind of pre-marriage counselling, I guess you’d call it. I was on my high horse about something, and was speaking in my usual exaggerated manner. You know, black is black and white is white, and I — as always — am right! Must have sounded pretty young and naive to the minister!

Anyway, he looked at my fiance, smiled with a twinkle in his eye and said, “She’s vivid, isn’t she?” And it kinda stuck.

And as well as that, ‘vividity’ is the noun from ‘vivid’. I thought that was suitable for a photography name. What do you think?


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