And the winners are…

Well, finally the wait is over! Thank you to all of you who entered the competition to celebrate the launch of my website, and thank you also to those of you who contacted me to comment on the site, but did not enter the competition.

Now, so that it’s all above-board and legit, here’s what I did:

I kept a list of all entrants, in order of time and date of entry. I then assigned each entry a number. Here’s the list:

  1. Eve of Mitchell’s Island
  2. Maureen of Turramurra
  3. Terese of Turramurra
  4. Emma of Turramurra
  5. Susan of Pymble
  6. Sandra of Pymble
  7. Barbara of Lindfield
  8. Helen of Toronto (NSW, not Canada!)
  9. Andrea of Turramurra

I then used the list randomiser at RANDOM.ORG to re-order the list randomly. The first three on the randomized list are the winners.

And the winners are…… [imagine drum roll here!]…… 6 Sandra, 5  Susan and 3 Terese! Congratulations to all of you!


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