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Brown-eyed bundles of cuteness {vividity, Sydney child photographer}

When I launched my website ( I ran a little competition to celebrate. Here, at last! is the family that won first prize:

Aren’t they a good looking bunch? The oldest boy is in my daughter’s class at school, so I’ve known the family for a couple of years now… and for a couple of years I’ve been seeing these gorgeous brown-eyed, curly-haired kids every morning and every afternoon, thinking “Oooooh…. I want to do a shoot with you!” So, you can imagine my excitement when Mr Random Number Generator ( selected them as winners of the first prize!

We did the shoot a few weeks back now, but with school holidays I didn’t get a chance to any editing. So… finally…. here they are!



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Here are the girls (another collage…and another challenge!)

Hi again,

The I ♥ faces collage challenge has inspired me to post this sneak peek a little differently to how I usually do. Instead of just dropping in a series of images, I have created a little collage. I hope you like it, S!

And so what’s the other challenge? These guys were! After struggling for a while to get these two in the same place at the same time, their mum told me that I was the third photographer to have trouble getting images of these girls together. That made me feel a bit better.  I thought I had just completely lost my ability to work with kids!

Another local photographer, Kris McCann, took some fabulous images of the whole family not that long ago. She did a GREAT job!…but again, not many of just the girls together.  So when their mother booked in for one of my special fund raiser shoots,* she said the focus was on getting one good shot of the girls together. The shot of the girls together in the collage below is just one of several that we got that day. It was getting late in the day, though (almost midday… what a ghastly time to shoot!) so the light’s not great. Maybe photographer number four will have more luck!

And the trick to get them together? A sky writer! Fortunately, just as we were about to give up for the day, a plane flew over and started writing Easter messages in the sky. Thank God for Easter!


* I have a fund raiser running at the moment, where you get $185 worth of photography services and products for a sitting fee of just $50, which I will then donate to Kids like Brett, a charity that buys medical equipment to care for some seriously sick kids. There are only a few slots left, and the offer closes at the end of June 2010. You can check out the details here.

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He’s three!

Our two-year-old has just had a birthday and is now a big boy of three. We just had a small family gathering this year. He’s recently started day care, so maybe next year he’ll have a list of friends he’d like to invite to a party, and we could go all out with a themed party like you see many examples of here. This year when I asked him what he’d like to do to celebrate he said, “A party with Mummy and Daddy and H (his sister) and me!”. We invited a few of his cousins, too.

Here’s the image I’m using for his thank you cards. Captures his busy-ness, I reckon!

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I ♥ faces photo collage competition

Here’s my entry for this week’s I ♥ faces photo challenge. This collage is actually front and back of a template I designed for a concertina album. Fun to play around in photoshop like that. Hope you like it! (For some reason my images are looking pretty yuck on this blog at the moment.  😦 It looks better if you click on the image and view it bigger.)

I found the I ♥ faces site through the MCP actions blog. I’ve never entered one of these challenges before, but it looks like fun! So here goes! Head on over and be inspired by all the images you find there. Enjoy!


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