I ♥ faces photo collage competition

Here’s my entry for this week’s I ♥ faces photo challenge. This collage is actually front and back of a template I designed for a concertina album. Fun to play around in photoshop like that. Hope you like it! (For some reason my images are looking pretty yuck on this blog at the moment.  😦 It looks better if you click on the image and view it bigger.)

I found the I ♥ faces site through the MCP actions blog. I’ve never entered one of these challenges before, but it looks like fun! So here goes! Head on over and be inspired by all the images you find there. Enjoy!



Filed under BIG kids, challenges

5 responses to “I ♥ faces photo collage competition

  1. Mel

    Love seeing bigger “kids” instead of all the little tots all the time. Great work and beautiful black and white collage!

  2. Quite the handsome big kids. Nice collage!

  3. vividity

    Yeah. It was a hard day at the office!

  4. vividity

    Thanks Mel. Yes, I usually shoot little ones, so it is nice to work with some big kids from time to time.

  5. What handsome guys! I’ll just look at them for awhile while I’m appreciating your collage 🙂

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