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Sydney family photographer sneak peek

Boy oh boy! Am I tired! Be careful what you wish for, folks, ’cause it might just come true. I was hoping that my photography business would pick up the pace a little this year…. and it has! Which is GREAT! But just at the moment I’m a little snowed under. So thank you to all my dear clients who are waiting so patiently for their sneak peeks, their proofing sessions, and their albums and prints. They’re coming! I promise! Just as soon as I can!

And to prove it, here are a few images from a recent shoot I did. This little guy just stole my heart. How cute is he? He was a real smiler, too, though you can’t tell from these images. He’s at that age where he’ll smile when you interact and play with him, but as soon as your face disappears behind that big black box of a camera, the smile disappears. Need to get better at releasing that shutter while I’m not looking through the lens. But that requires relinquishing some control…… Scary.

His mum and dad were really great, though. They just trusted me to do my job, and they didn’t stand behind me saying ‘sm~i~le!’. They even agreed to a location change, which is wonderful! Makes for a little more variety in the final images. I love to change location, and outfits on my shoots. Well, not my outfits. I mean my clients’ clothes.  I don’t mean that I love to change my clients’ clothes. That would just be weird. I mean I love it when my clients bring a few different outfits with them and change their own clothes during the shoot. All by themselves. With no help from me.

Anyway, I digress. Here are the images. I hope you like them, M & R.

Aren’t they a good looking family?!


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Look at these!

Check out these great camera bags. Aren’t they gorgeous? And so practical! And they don’t scream, “Thousands of dollars of camera gear inside. Please steal me!”

Nice enough to carry even when you’re not carrying your camera, these are just the thing for the photographer who wants form and functionality. And this little photographer just happens to have a birthday coming up……. Though this little photographer’s darling husband did give her a really sturdy, functional and long-lasting camera bag for her birthday last year, for which she is extremely grateful.

These ones are from Jo Totes. Images from there, too, and used with permission. I found the Jo Totes site through the MCP Actions Blog. (Link under the ‘resources’ heading to the right.)

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