a pact with Kara – {vividity, Sydney portrait photographer}

I’ve made a pact.  With Kara Elmore. Those of you who know me well, know that I don’t make promises lightly, and once made, I do my best to keep them. Well, Kara, here you go! My boy:

We both noticed that we tend to photograph our girls more than our boys. And Kara’s boy is nine. Already. And nine’s not little anymore. My boy’s only 3. “Nearly four!” I can hear him call out in his sleep as I type. And three, nearly four, is not nearly so little as he used to be. And so we decided we both need to photograph our boys more. And Kara sent me an email that said “This weekend?” And I sent her an email that said “You’re on!” And so, here he is. My boy.

And “Lightaqueen”.



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6 responses to “a pact with Kara – {vividity, Sydney portrait photographer}

  1. AHHHHHHHH GLOOOORIOUS!!! amazing. wonderful. BEAUTIFUL eyes!! TO DIE FOR!! Love him. I love how his sweet little lips are pursed … nearly four. **SIGH** LOVE that you KEPT the pact~~ WOO HOO.

    I – on the other hand – got swept up in proofing. So my goal is TOMORROW. I will email when it’s ready. OOO this pact was great. Let’s make more!! 🙂

  2. vividity

    I, on the other hand, opted out of client work and did my own. Naughty! But my excuse is it was HOT here all weekend. All week, in fact. Hot and humid. Over 40 degrees (that’s CELCIUS!) and really sticky. As a result, now have a babysitter here for a couple of hours playing with my boy while I get some work done!. So I’d better work. Not check wordpress comments. Not check facebook. Not check email. Work. While the weather is cool and rainy. Bye!

  3. Oh goodness.. He is So beautiful, yep those eyes!!
    Nice pact!! oh poor Freddie he has a camera stuck in his face all the time!! now he just looks straight at it.. I wonder when he will say Mumma.. no more today please 🙂
    and of course you have to have lightening!

  4. vividity

    Haa haa ha, Lee! Yep, one day he will say, “Enough!” My firstborn got to about three years, and then wanted just to be BEHIND the camera! And now she sabotages any of our planned shoots by drawing on her and her brother’s faces. With permanent marker. Clever girl.

  5. Beautiful Work! His eyes are gorgeous!

  6. vividity

    Thanks Jennifer!

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