A recent family session

You might have noticed I’ve been MIA. That’s “missing in action”, folks. It’s been crazy here, and will be for a little bit longer yet…. so if you’re talking to me and I start trying to photoshop spots off your face, or retouch a crumb from the corner of your mouth, would you please give me a swift slap and tell me to stop?

Thank you.

Still, there’s some fun to be had…. like the fun I had with this little guy.  How could you not? Look at that face!

His mum and dad were great fun, too. The kind of people I love to just hang out with: relaxed, easy-going, and up for a good chat. I hope you like this sneak peek, guys.

Can’t wait for you to come and see your whole gallery.



PS: Gotta gets me a new blog…. watch this space in the new year….



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4 responses to “A recent family session

  1. Belinda Carr

    Thanks Jenny,
    This is a great sneak review!! We LOVE the shot of our little man. We are excited about seeing the rest of the photos now.
    Thanks also for making the photo shoot fun and relaxing for all of us.
    B, A and J

  2. Thanks Belinda. Looking forward to it! Gime me call to set up a date…

  3. bang photography

    Very lovely. That shot of just the legs is great, very much your style from what I’ve seen from your other work. Not that I’m saying your the go to photographer for family portraits of legs (although maybe there’s a very niche market right there 🙂 ) it’s just a great little off beat, almost abstract piece which works so well with the other shots.

  4. vividity

    What can I say? I love legs! And kids often hang onto their parents’ legs. (At least mine do!) So I guess it kind of evolved from allowing kids to be close to their parents (and therefore feeling safe) while I start shooting, giving them some time to ‘warm up’ a bit. I can get some quirky images while I wait for them to be ready to play along with other stuff that I ask them to do. And it turns out I really like those shots!

    Hey, maybe I AM a leg photographer! Shoe catalogues here we come! (Couldn’t think of anything much less fun, actually….)

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