These look pretty good…

Has anyone found the perfect camera bag? Don’t think I have yet. They can be great for protecting gear, but too bulky and difficult to manage. Or just plain ugly. Sometimes they’re pretty, but not great at protecting your gear. Or great to carry while you shoot, but not big enough to hold everything you need to carry…. (which is a lot more than just camera gear!). Could this be the answer?Tote & Shoot image


It’s the “Tote and Shoot” from shootsac. Check ’em out if you’re in the market for a new camera bag…. or perhaps looking for a Christmas gift for the photographer in your life. (Hint, hint!) Though I reckon you’d probably need to own a shootsac to put inside one of these babies, just to make sure your gear was really protected properly. (I must admit, my current camera bag certainly gives GREAT protection for my camera gear…. and in the end, that’s more important than the look of the bag. Way more. $$$$ more, really!)



PS: Picture from the Tote and Shoot by shootsac website.




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2 responses to “These look pretty good…

  1. bang photography

    Oh dear, looks like your having the once a year camera bag crisis. I had mine about 10 months back so I’m expecting to be getting the itch again soon.
    To me the bags by Kelly Moore – are amongst the prettiest for the ladies. I’m rather smitten by the boy bag too but haven’t pulled the trigger on that one yet. My most recent addition is a rather tasty design by Encase of all companies, they got together with Ari Marcopoulos to build him an ideal bag. I was after a one shoulder sling bag which I could work out of but could also carry along a stand and umbrella (collapsable softbox etc) but which wouldn’t look too camera bag like. I have to say I love the bag, perfect for my sojourns into the city for portrait shoots. Although it can’t compete with my Lowepro stealth reporter (which looks very camera bag like) for it’s sheer gear carrying ability.


  2. vividity

    Yeah, I’m with you on the Kelly Moore bags. I think that would be my preference for a combination of style and practicality. Looks like it offers decent protection for your gear, as well as flexibility in arrangement of the interior of the bag. I haven’t splurged on one, though, because my Lowepro does a stellar job. It’s just a bit bulky, and not pretty, and screams ‘camera bag’. It really is a great bag, though, for its purpose. And of ALL the bits of gear I covet, my camera bag is NOT going to help me shoot better or faster or reduce my editing time or be more creative…… so it’s at the bottom of the list, really.

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