About me

I’m a barefoot and blue jeans kind of girl.

I’ll get down on the floor and play with your kids. We’ll run, chat, skip. I’ll sing songs. I’ll tell bad jokes. (Really bad jokes.)

You’ll think I’m not working, but I am. I’m preparing the ground for a really great crop of photos of you and your kids: images that show off the love in YOUR family. Not Mr & Mrs Generic next door. Images like that take time. And sometimes you have to climb trees or jump in puddles to get them.

I’m passionate about the details: I like to measure twice, cut once. I also have a love of the finer things in life and I only use high quality professional print houses and album suppliers, so you get products that you’ll love. And they’ll last long enough for your grandchildren to love them too.

People say I’m a calming influence on their kids. Maybe that’s because as well as being a photographer, I’m also a yoga teacher with a PhD in Early Childhood Education.

Or maybe it’s just because I think kids have really worthwhile things to say if you can be quiet long enough to hear them.