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Woops! I forgot!

You know that fundraiser I had earlier in the year? Well…..

No, I didn’t forget to make the donation, but I forgot to write a post! My marketing-expert friend Andrea will be horrified that I didn’t do a big song and dance about it! So….


A donation of $210.00 was made to support neonatal intensive care. Thanks very much to everyone who participated.


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Welcome to the world – {vividity, Sydney newborn photographer.}

Would you just take a look at this family? Aren’t they beautiful? I know what you’re thinking, “She says that about all the families she photographs!” I guess perhaps I do. But honestly, go on. Have a look at these people. How could you possibly take a bad photo?

I haven’t done that many newborn shoots, and this is the first time I’ve actually had a sleeping baby. Properly asleep, I mean. Not just a little catnap that is disturbed at the first sound or touch. No, this little one slept pretty well for us. And the best thing about that? No, not the images you can get, but the fact that I got to hold her while she fell asleep! How nice is it to have a newborn in your arms?

This session was quite some time ago now, but I’ve been holding off on blogging these images until the birth announcements and thank you cards were all posted. (I didn’t want to spoil those by having already posted these images.) Here are just a few images from our session. I hope you like them! So, without further ado, let me introduce you to Miss A and her gorgeous family:


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A little something to warm you up. (vividity: Sydney family photography)

It was a hot, sunny afternoon when I met the L family. The sort of weather you’d expect for November…. and it was only mid October. Not that we’re getting November weather now, and it actually IS November. (What’s with all the rain? And cold? I’m sitting here in my winter woollies as I type this!) I hope you enjoy these images, and that they might remind you of the Summer we might have. One day. Soon?

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PS: I think it’s time to upgrade to a customized photo blog…. What do you think? Not sure what’s going on here with WordPress, but these images are tack sharp when I view them in photoshop! Aaagh! Any other photogs/techie people care to comment? How do you manage your photos? Do you post to another website (eg Flickr) and then link to there from you blog? Or do you upload to blog straight from your hard drive? And what size/res do you use? Optimized for web or just saved?


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Sydney family photographer sneak peek

Boy oh boy! Am I tired! Be careful what you wish for, folks, ’cause it might just come true. I was hoping that my photography business would pick up the pace a little this year…. and it has! Which is GREAT! But just at the moment I’m a little snowed under. So thank you to all my dear clients who are waiting so patiently for their sneak peeks, their proofing sessions, and their albums and prints. They’re coming! I promise! Just as soon as I can!

And to prove it, here are a few images from a recent shoot I did. This little guy just stole my heart. How cute is he? He was a real smiler, too, though you can’t tell from these images. He’s at that age where he’ll smile when you interact and play with him, but as soon as your face disappears behind that big black box of a camera, the smile disappears. Need to get better at releasing that shutter while I’m not looking through the lens. But that requires relinquishing some control…… Scary.

His mum and dad were really great, though. They just trusted me to do my job, and they didn’t stand behind me saying ‘sm~i~le!’. They even agreed to a location change, which is wonderful! Makes for a little more variety in the final images. I love to change location, and outfits on my shoots. Well, not my outfits. I mean my clients’ clothes.  I don’t mean that I love to change my clients’ clothes. That would just be weird. I mean I love it when my clients bring a few different outfits with them and change their own clothes during the shoot. All by themselves. With no help from me.

Anyway, I digress. Here are the images. I hope you like them, M & R.

Aren’t they a good looking family?!

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Another f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g day, another fabulous family – {Sydney family portrait photographer}

I think the day I shot this family was even colder and greyer than the last family shoot I did! I first met this family a few years ago when baby number two was just a little fella. And that time it was a scorcher of a day! The  shoot took quite some time, as I recall. The older boy really tested out all my skills with getting him to co-operate and have his photos taken. We spent a lot of time playing on the trampoline and in the cubby house! Still, that’s what makes us ’boutique’ photographers what we are, and different to your pixie photo booth set up in the shopping centre. We will spend some time just hanging out with you and your kids until everyone’s ready to play along, and we’ll put in the extra effort to try to capture you and your family how you are, and not offer you a mass produced product. Ah, sorry. I digress.

It was a lovely surprise to have a phone call a couple of weeks ago from L to say that she was just home from hospital with baby number three, and could I fit in a photo shoot? Actually, this little bub was a bit of a surprise for L and husband, too. They thought they were done with having babies with their two boys. And now they’re surrounded by pink, pink and more pink:

Acutally, I quite like that image in b&w:

It’s tiring work being a ballerina when you’re only two weeks old:

And finally asleep…

Here are the boys:

I hope you like this little sneak peek, L & M. I’ll be in touch soon to arrange a proofing session. Love, Jen.

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Fabulous family sneak peek {vividity, Sydney child and family photographer}

What’s with the cold weather all of a sudden? Anybody would think it was winter around here! It was a f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g weekend when I met this gorgeous family for a photo session, but they really were troopers.

I know I kept you guys out in that cold, cold weather for a long time, but I think it was worth it in the end. I hope you went home and enjoyed a piping hot chocolate (made with soy, of course, V. ;-)). Here are a few images to whet your appetite in preparation for our proofing session. Hope you like!

PS: Sorry it has taken me so long to get this post up, guys. We’ve hit school holidays and photo editing time is in short supply. It has taken me four attempts to get this finished! A simple blog post shouldn’t take that long! And today I just made my kids entertain themselves while I finally made this post…. and even then it has taken me at least twice as long as it should have because I have had to keep finding more toys, more crayons, more paper, the scissors, the glue…… I’d better go and see what kind of mess the rest of the house is in!

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I ♥ faces photo challenge: babies

Here’s my entry for this week’s I ♥ faces photo challenge. It’s from a newborn shoot I did quite some time ago. In fact you may have already seen this image in a sneak peek I posted just after the shoot. It’s a looking a little different here as I’ve made it into a little postcard. (Hope that’s OK with you I ♥ faces people!). Leave me a comment to let me know what you think. Oh, and you can click on the image if you want to see it bigger.

And be sure and visit the I ♥ faces site to check out all the other entries!


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