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Woops! I forgot!

You know that fundraiser I had earlier in the year? Well…..

No, I didn’t forget to make the donation, but I forgot to write a post! My marketing-expert friend Andrea will be horrified that I didn’t do a big song and dance about it! So….


A donation of $210.00 was made to support neonatal intensive care. Thanks very much to everyone who participated.


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Communication shutdown


Can you do it? Go on…. Give it a go!

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Here are the girls (another collage…and another challenge!)

Hi again,

The I ♥ faces collage challenge has inspired me to post this sneak peek a little differently to how I usually do. Instead of just dropping in a series of images, I have created a little collage. I hope you like it, S!

And so what’s the other challenge? These guys were! After struggling for a while to get these two in the same place at the same time, their mum told me that I was the third photographer to have trouble getting images of these girls together. That made me feel a bit better.  I thought I had just completely lost my ability to work with kids!

Another local photographer, Kris McCann, took some fabulous images of the whole family not that long ago. She did a GREAT job!…but again, not many of just the girls together.  So when their mother booked in for one of my special fund raiser shoots,* she said the focus was on getting one good shot of the girls together. The shot of the girls together in the collage below is just one of several that we got that day. It was getting late in the day, though (almost midday… what a ghastly time to shoot!) so the light’s not great. Maybe photographer number four will have more luck!

And the trick to get them together? A sky writer! Fortunately, just as we were about to give up for the day, a plane flew over and started writing Easter messages in the sky. Thank God for Easter!


* I have a fund raiser running at the moment, where you get $185 worth of photography services and products for a sitting fee of just $50, which I will then donate to Kids like Brett, a charity that buys medical equipment to care for some seriously sick kids. There are only a few slots left, and the offer closes at the end of June 2010. You can check out the details here.

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Is a picture worth a thousand words? Or some cold hard cash?

About a year and a half ago I was sleeping every night with my mobile phone switched on and beside my bed. My camera packed and ready to go. Phone and camera were my constant companions. Why? I was expecting a phone call. A most important call. A dear friend of mine was pregnant with her second baby and said she would call me to take photos as soon as the baby arrived.

That call never came, thank God.

A year and a half ago her baby might not have survived, as he would have been very premature. Conceiving this baby was very nearly impossible*, and staying pregnant involved months of bed rest (not as much fun as it sounds!), much of it in hospital.

As it turned out, he was born prematurely, but gladly his arrival was not as early as we all thought it might be. With expert help from the doctors and nurses at Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital, and a lot of patient love and care from his parents, he survived. You might remember him from and earlier post:

Well… that baby has just turned ONE! And to celebrate his first year of life, his mum and I are running a little fundraiser to buy much needed equipment for Royal North Shore Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and other similar places. Here’s how it works:

The first ten people to book in for a portrait session with me between 1st March and 30th June 2010 will receive:

  • half price sitting (only $50)
  • a free mini concertina album with 8 of your favourite images from the shoot
  • a free 5 x 7 inch print

That’s $185 value for just $50!

I will donate ALL of your sitting fee and 5% of what you order at your initial proofing session to Kids like Brett.

Who’s that?

Kids like Brett. They are a registered charity who donate 100% of all the money that passes through their books to purchase life-saving medical equipment for sick kids. They buy EXACTLY what the hospitals need to do their work, and they negotiate the best prices they can on some very specialised equipment.

Oh, and those of you who have received a half-price voucher for becoming fans of vividity on facebook can take part in this, too.

So book in for a photo session now, and turn your pictures into some cold hard cash for some very sick kids.


*You can read my friend’s story about IVF here. It’s worth a read. She’s a great writer!

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most precious photos – ACOCP

I was privileged to attend the opening of a very special exhibition last week. It is a collection of work from the Australian Community of Child Photographers, a most wonderful group of people who volunteer their time and talent to help families who have experienced stillbirths or who have premature and/or seriously ill children. The photographs were beautiful, and the stories behind them touching to say the least. It’s worth getting along for a look if you can. Take your tissues! Here are the details:


(Click here if you need more information.)

About ten years ago, before I had children of my own, I approached a couple of hospitals and other organisations like SANDS (a support group for sudden and neonatal death) to ask if I could offer photography services for the families they came in touch with, but I was knocked back. I was in the middle of my PhD at the time, so I didn’t have the time or the energy to push the system. (Yes, I have a PhD. Yes, a real one. It’s in Early Childhood Education. I might tell you about it sometime…) And then I fell pregnant, and didn’t think turning up heavily pregnant to photograph a family who had just lost a baby was such a good idea (not to mention I wondered how I would handle the emotions that would arise, knowing that the same thing was a possible outcome for my own pregnancy), so I didn’t pursue the matter.

I was thrilled to discover a year or so ago that someone had fought the system long enough to get the ACOCP up and running. What commitment! I’d like to join ACOCP one day, but not for now. Probably in a year or two when my baby is older, and I can more easily drop everything and run at any time of the day or night.

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