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Happy birthday

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
New Olympus OM Dee-ee
Happy birthday to me.


Image from Techspot, where you can read a review, if you like.

Does anyone know how to create an emoticon with a grin the size of the Cheshire Cat’s?


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Just in case anyone’s reading…

Just because it’s that time of year (Ho! Ho! H0!) and just in case anyone’s actually reading (hint, hint, hint)…. these are the ones I reckon would be my preference:

I did a post on them a while back. They have some great colours to choose from. The Kelly Moore bags look good, too.

But actually, a new camera bag is pretty far down on my list of gear to buy for my business. So many other things to covet!

(Photo from the Jo Totes website.)

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These look pretty good…

Has anyone found the perfect camera bag? Don’t think I have yet. They can be great for protecting gear, but too bulky and difficult to manage. Or just plain ugly. Sometimes they’re pretty, but not great at protecting your gear. Or great to carry while you shoot, but not big enough to hold everything you need to carry…. (which is a lot more than just camera gear!). Could this be the answer?Tote & Shoot image


It’s the “Tote and Shoot” from shootsac. Check ’em out if you’re in the market for a new camera bag…. or perhaps looking for a Christmas gift for the photographer in your life. (Hint, hint!) Though I reckon you’d probably need to own a shootsac to put inside one of these babies, just to make sure your gear was really protected properly. (I must admit, my current camera bag certainly gives GREAT protection for my camera gear…. and in the end, that’s more important than the look of the bag. Way more. $$$$ more, really!)



PS: Picture from the Tote and Shoot by shootsac website.



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Look at these!

Check out these great camera bags. Aren’t they gorgeous? And so practical! And they don’t scream, “Thousands of dollars of camera gear inside. Please steal me!”

Nice enough to carry even when you’re not carrying your camera, these are just the thing for the photographer who wants form and functionality. And this little photographer just happens to have a birthday coming up……. Though this little photographer’s darling husband did give her a really sturdy, functional and long-lasting camera bag for her birthday last year, for which she is extremely grateful.

These ones are from Jo Totes. Images from there, too, and used with permission. I found the Jo Totes site through the MCP Actions Blog. (Link under the ‘resources’ heading to the right.)

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These would be really useful!

Not really a pretty wish list entry, but oh so useful!

I found these at Digital Camera Warehouse, but I reckon you could find these ones (Micnova) or similar in almost any serious camera shop. Check ’em out if you’re getting into digital editing of your images and would like to colour correct your images quickly and easily (and get better skin tones in the process).

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Is it selfish to have a wishlist?

Well, it probably is selfish to have a wish list. And I’m going to start one anyway. It’s really just a way to¬† help out my husband/kids/brothers/friends when it comes time for birthday or Christmas gift-buying. I’m thoughtful like that.

So, to kick it off, here’s a photo of a beautiful vintage Yashica camera I found on etsy at callrw’s shop. Isn’t it just gorgeous? I’d love to display it at home, and wouldn’t it make a great prop?

(Images from callrw’s shop.)

There are loads of beautiful vintage cameras to be found on etsy, and no doubt on ebay and other online shopping sites, too. I mentioned this one to Mr Vividity, and he placed a call to his folks. As it turns out, they have half a dozen or so vintage cameras tucked away in their cupboards. Veritable treasure trove, their place! Looks like I might have picked a starting wish that’s easily granted!

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