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LOVE this image

Here is a photo of me taken by my daughter when she was four. And it’s one of my all time favourites!

We bought her a camera for her birthday when she turned four. Just a little point and press. But not a kiddie one. A real one. (Nikon Coolpix 5 megapixel.) We looked at buying her a toy one that actually took photos, but they just looked a bit… well…. pretend. They were expensive, too. In fact the Nikon was comparable in price.

So, we gave her a real camera, turned off the auto flash, and left her to it. We get lots of photos of the ceiling, the TV, her dolls and teddies… and every now and then, we get some real smokers! I LOVE this one of me. So nicely composed. (I haven’t done anything to it, besides adding a watermark and resizing it.) There are some others that I really like, too. I’ll post them some time so you can see what a clever and creative girl we have.

Only down side is she now loves being BEHIND the camera and gets bored when I ask to take photos of her! [SIGH.]


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