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NEW BLOG up and running

Hi Peeps.

vividity has a new blog. Here’s the URL:

Please update your feeds and subscriptions.

Oh, and while you’re here, click on the link above and check out the new one! And tell me if you find it easy to use, or if there are ways it could be better.

Check ya over there!




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I wish…

I know with a title like that you’re probably expecting an inspiring list of Christmas wishes (like world peace and an end to famine, etc. etc.) Well you’ll be disappointed. I’m going to be selfish… again!

I was asked a while back what I would do if I had some money given to me with the proviso that I could only spend it on myself. Not my kids. Not my husband. Not my house. And most certainly not my business. I could only buy something that was purely for me. Complete self-indulgence.

And I couldn’t answer.

I spend some of my time teaching yoga*, and I tell all the parents I teach that one of the best things they can do for their kids is look after themselves, and yet I couldn’t answer a simple question about what I would do for myself if money were not an issue.  I have become the proverbial ‘eater-of-the-burnt-chop’ kind of mother that I urge other mothers not to become.


Anyway, I was in the city with my daughter yesterday, and I realised how much I hate shopping, how bad I am at it, how stylish so many of the people around me looked, how sorely the shoes I was wearing needed replacing — (in fact they needed replacing before my youngest was born. He’s now four years old.) — how much choice there was in the stores,  how much money was changing hands, how decadent it all was, how easy it would be to just hand over the credit card over and over and over….. and end up with a heap of stuff that was neither necessary nor suited to me, and — aha! — I knew. If I had to spend some money on me and just me, then one thing I would like to do is spend some time with this lady:

A couple of hours with her in the stores and my wardrobe blues would be solved!

She’s the stylist I recommend to my clients when they tell me they need some help planning clothes for their shoot. She’s practical, fun, lovely, non-threatening and superbly able to help you make the most of your clothing dollar. I reckon she could get me in and out of the shops in record time with a better result than I could get in weeks and weeks of boring traipsing around on my own with kids in tow. Given that the shopping gene seems to have gone missing somewhere in the evolutionary history of my family, getting in and out of the shops quickly sounds like a great idea!

Have a look at Paula’s  testim0nials page. She doesn’t try and change anyone. If you’re a “barefoot and blue jeans kind of  girl”, then you still can be… albeit a more stylish one.

*My yoga teaching is currently on hold until my youngest child starts school, and I have some more daytime availability.


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Sassy Designs give away over at Paperie Boutique

Check out this amazing give away…. the WHOLE shop!

Sassy Designs, Ltd / @sassydesignsltd / is having a birthday—win the ENTIRE STORE at by @shutterblog

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Brown-eyed bundles of cuteness {vividity, Sydney child photographer}

When I launched my website ( I ran a little competition to celebrate. Here, at last! is the family that won first prize:

Aren’t they a good looking bunch? The oldest boy is in my daughter’s class at school, so I’ve known the family for a couple of years now… and for a couple of years I’ve been seeing these gorgeous brown-eyed, curly-haired kids every morning and every afternoon, thinking “Oooooh…. I want to do a shoot with you!” So, you can imagine my excitement when Mr Random Number Generator ( selected them as winners of the first prize!

We did the shoot a few weeks back now, but with school holidays I didn’t get a chance to any editing. So… finally…. here they are!


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Sneak a peek at the lads – Sydney family photography by Jennifer Taylor

Yesterday I got to hang out with these guys for a while.

I had a great time listening to the gentle ribbing they gave each other. Reminded me of my three big brothers.

A couple of head shots:

I love this next one of B. He’s getting married in a couple of weeks. He looks like he’s got a lot on his mind…

Hope you like these images of your boys, R. I’ll be in touch soon to arrange a proofing session. Enjoy the wedding!

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facebook test

Just want to see whether this post will turn up in the right place on facebook!

See you over there.


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I’m teaching yoga again!

I’m teaching yoga again! Hooray! I’m really looking forward to it, but I must admit I’m a little nervous about it, too. I haven’t taught since my second baby was born (due to lack of suitable child care). That’s nearly three years!

So dear reader, if you’d like to iron out a few kinks in your body and your mind with me, come along to Simply Yoga in Crows Nest on Tuesday nights. Class starts at 6:15, so be there just a little before that.  For more details, click here to check the Simply Yoga website.

Oh, and that’s me in the photo above. It was taken at Dee Why Beach by my very VERY talented brother-in-law, Martyn Taylor. He’s a cameraman/photographer. It’s like a camera (of any shape or size) is just an extension of his hands and his mind. He’s just a natural at it, and sees the world in a beautiful way. I love what he’s done here. He asked me to do a yoga pose that mirrored the shape of the cloud bank behind me, so I chose Virabhadrasana III. And he’s got it just right. Even down to that perfect little bit of sun flare.

Hope to see you on the mat!

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