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BFF sessions {a call for models}

From your side of the firewall, it might look like things have been pretty quiet here at vividity. Well…. I must admit, I have been enjoying a slightly slower pace in my ‘baby’ boy’s last year before school. It hasn’t all been paper aeroplanes and lego, though! I’ve been beavering away on behind the scenes kind of stuff, getting ready for things to take off in my Sydney-based portrait photography business once my boy is settled into school next year.

One thing I have done is revamp my product range. I’ve improved and simplified, making things much better, tighter, more cohesive. One new “product” I’m considering is a “bestie session”, and I’d love some feedback on it. To that end, I’m calling for models. Here’s what I’ve got in mind:

BFF Session:

  • up to 4 friends for a photo session where we would get group photos and individual portraits
  • 20 gift prints to share between you
  • 8 mini concertina albums (all the same design). That’s two for each of you, one to keep and one to give away to your grandparents, your boy/girlfriend, your mum…. whoever you like, really.
  • 20% off any additional purchases.

That’s over $1800 value, but I would only charge $1000…. so across four of you, that’s only $250 each! And for the first group of BFFs to book in, I’ll do it for half that again ($500), only $125 each assuming there are four of you. Now there’s a bargain!

It’s first come first served, so phone your friends, and then one of you phone me lickety-split to organise your session. (Click “contact me” at the top of the blog for my phone number.)

These sessions suit BFFs of any age. You might be as young and gorgeous as these guys:

Or as grown up and beautiful as these:

Or you might be in your retirement!

And…. a little treat for those of you who have read this far…. I’ll let you in on why I think a bestie session is a good idea: Here’s one of the best photos I have of me and my three best friends together. I’m the one second from the left, with baby number two almost ready to be born.

Not the best image, is it? Wish I could do it over with a professional!



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call for models – families

I would love to add some more images to my website… and you can help!

I’m currently looking for families to photograph who meet the following criteria:

  • willing to meet me at a location of my choice (north side of Sydney).
  • all family members willing to sign a model release, or sign on behalf of any children under 18 years of age. (The images will more than likely be published, but you can rest assured I will never disclose any identifying information about you…. apart from photos of your gorgeous faces, of course ;-))

In return you will receive a free photo shoot, a free purse-sized concertina album with 8 images from your session and another six 5 x 7 inch prints, also free. You may purchase extra prints and albums at standard prices.

I have four free family sessions available between now and the end of January 2010. But remember, it’s heading up to silly season when we all start to get pretty busy, so if you’re thinking of giving the prints as Christmas presents, phone and book in now. (You need to have your shoot by the end of October to guarantee prints by Christmas.)

And, for you viewing pleasure, here are some images. They’re a few years old now, but I still really like them. I was shooting film at this point in time, so these are scans. I know you’ll forgive me for the scanning artifacts you can see in them…

We started out with a more formal grouping. (Children arranged oldest to youngest, as requested by Mum).


But what I like best is to start with a formal arrangement, and then just watch it fall apart. It’s the falling apart that gives the best photos, I reckon. The ones that reflect who the people really are.






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Has it really been that long?

Wow! Time flies. When you’re chasing after a couple of kids and trying to juggle everything else life throws your way….. You know what it’s like!

So what have I been doing all this time? Well….. I’ve been working on a website. I haven’t been ready to tell anyone about it till now. It’s almost ready…. (which probably actually means there’s something I haven’t thought of yet that will make it take another couple of months to get up and running!)

Anyhow, keep an eye on this blog, as I will be running a competition with some great prizes to celebrate the launch of my website.

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Newborns wanted

I am always on the lookout for newborn babies to photograph. I have lots of shots in mind that I would love to add to my portfolio. Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • newborn babies (no more than 10 days old, or 10 days home from hospital for premies.)
  • families prepared to meet me in a location of my choosing (north side of Sydney).
  • families prepared to sign a model release. (The images will more than likely be published.)

And in return you receive a FREE photo shoot and a FREE mini concertina album with eight images from our session, plus another six 5 x 7 inch prints that you can frame or give to family and friends. That’s over $300 value! Lucky you!

So if you are pregnant (or someone you know is) please get in touch now so that I can block out some time around when your baby is due. This offer closes at the end of February 2010. (You don’t have to have had your baby by then, you just have to have been in touch and provided me with your estimated due date.)

And, because I know you expect one, here’s a photo from a not-so-newborn shoot I did a while back. Don’t you just love chubby baby bottoms?


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call for newborns – sydney newborn photographer

I  am currently looking for newborn models, and their mothers or fathers (or both!) to shoot, digitally speaking of course!. Here’s the deal:

You will get a free portrait session for your new baby, and a free concertina brag book (purse size) of eight of your favourite images from the session.  Yay for you!  (You may purchase other prints at my current pricing.)

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • babies no more than 10 days old (or no more than 10 days home from hospital for prems)
  • families able to meet me in a location of my choosing (north side of Sydney)
  • you must be prepared to sign a model release. (The images will more than likely be published.)

So, if you are pregnant (or anyone you know is) and you meet the above criteria, please contact me. (See my contact page for details.) These sessions will be geared around getting the particular images I would like for my portfolio. We can shoot other images if time permits.

And just because I know you expect one, here’s a photo:



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