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Many of you will know that I am running a little Facebook competition. Well, I’ve just learned that what I’m doing is actually against the rules. You can’t  run a competition on Facebook where people are entered into a prize drawer just for liking your page, because it means that all the people who liked your page before the competition are being entered into a raffle without their consent. Fair enough, I suppose. So, long story short, I’ll have to change how the competition is run.

It will still be linked to people liking my facebook page, but you will  have to leave a comment here on the blog to enter the competition. So far I’ve announce first, second and third prizes:

THIRD PRIZE: Three people will win a gift pack of 10 of my luxurious hand-made greeting cards. Each pack valued at at $49.50.

SECOND PRIZE: Two people will win $250.00 credit towards their print and product purchases when they have a portrait session with vividity.

FIRST PRIZE: One lucky person will win a free mini concertina album and $500.00 credit towards their print and product purchases when they have a portrait session with vividity.

GRAND PRIZE: Will be announced when I have 100 ‘likers’ on my vividity photography by Jennifer Taylor Facebook page.

BUT WAIT! Don’t go leaving comments here yet. Well, actually, it would be GREAT if you were to leave me a little love in the comments section. Go on. You know you want to. Just say “hi!”. It won’t hurt. Not one little bit.

But it won’t get you entered into the competition, either.

The competition will open up to entries once I have hit 100 likes, so keep an eye on this space.

Actually, go check out facebook, make sure you like my page there, tell all your friends about it and suggest they like it, too. And THEN watch this space.

Oh, and for those of you who are not able to come to Sydney for a shoot with me, or who are photographers yourselves, I’ll run a separate competition over on my Pompalary Blog where you can win a hand knitted or crocheted hat or scarf of your choice from my range of designs. Great for yourself, your kids, or to add to your collection of cute photo props!

And here’s a little bunch of flowers, just for you:

Oh, and please note that by entering the competition you are:

1. providing any and all information included in your entry to vividity/Jennifer Taylor, and not to Facebook,

2. acknowledging that the competition is being run by vividity/Jennifer Taylor, and not Facebook, and

3. releasing Facebook of any liability whatsoever in relation to the competition.


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a second – and third – try

I think the last vintage version was a little heavy handed, so I have had another play with the same image. Here are another two attempts. This one I have used a mask to remove some of the grunge from my daughter’s skin and I have also reduced the opacity of the texture layer.


And this one uses a much lighter, softer texture.


Click here to have a look at my first attempt, and then let me know which one you like the best by voting in my poll below. (You can also leave comments with your tips and tricks for creating vintage effects.)


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playing around in photoshop

Here’s my latest attempt at a vintage look. Original photo and then the one I have mucked about with. It was great fun!


and the vintage look:


That’s all for now. Will add another post about books sometime soon. My last one had a lot of hits, so I am assuming you’re finding it valuable. 🙂

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I’ve started a new blog! I’ve decided to keep my photography and my crafting separate for a while and see how it all shapes up…. so drop on by to my new blog at Pompalary and see what I’ve been up to when it’s late at night and everyone else is in bed, and I don’t have any photo editing to do….. (read: I don’t get too much time to knit these days!)

See you over there!

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Here’s the latest project

Yep. Another hat. I can’t take credit for the design of this one. It’s a free pattern from Lincraft. Yarn came from there, too. Stumbled upon it quite by accident. It’s a little large on my daughter, as it’s a ‘one size fits most’ pattern for adults. I really like it, and I might even get a turn at wearing it sometime, if my daughter will allow. (Not that she necessarily wants to wear it….. just that she doesn’t want me to!)



Right. Now I’m off for a nice hot cuppa. (They always go cold while I edit photos….. Oh, and excuse these ones. Just snaps, really. Literally took two minutes of shooting before we jumped in the car to go out for the day.)

Don’t be shy. Leave me a comment while I’m gone!


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1920s style in ecru

And here’s what happened to the ecru yarn:




Another experiment in faggot stitch. (I am enjoying designing my own patterns instead of just following a commercial one!) I have never seen a hat done in faggot stitch, and now I know why! Faggot stitch doesn’t work when knitted in the round. (Ah… duh!) It took me about three attempts to work out how to make this hat, but I’m quite happy with how it turned out… and I like the kind of 1920s feel that comes from the cord and flower I added. (It’s like a little removable headband.)

I must admit, I really am impressed with this yarn. He’s got taste, my boy, I’ll give him that much! (If you don’t understand this reference, click here to read how it all started. If you want to know what the yarn is, read the comments on my post about the pink scarf. It’s called “A change of heart”. And why not leave me a comment while you’re there? Don’t be shy!)


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knitted hat

My mum taught me to knit when I was about 6 years old. I can remember the first thing I knitted was a higgledy-piggledy scarf. I kept getting the yarn twisted around the needles, making extra stitches all the time! I can also remember taking my knitting to school for show and tell. I sat in front of the class and demonstrated, and my classmates looked all over the floor for the stitch I dropped!

I’ve come a long way with my knitting since then. Here’s a recent Sunday afternoon project for my girl.






I love knitting, and would be more than happy to knit this hat for you, if you like. I have some more of this yarn in my stash or I could customise it for you. Any size from newborn to adult. Leave me a comment and we’ll take it from there.

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